Vinicius Marques Terra

Software Engineer - A.I./Gameplay Engineer - M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing.


Parallel/Distributed Computing, Artificial Intelligence:
Speeding Up Learning in Real-time Search through Parallel Computing

Speeding Up Learning in Real-time Search through Parallel Computing


SBAC-PAD 2011 [Abstract | Slides ]

Speeding Up Learning in Real-time Search through Parallel Computing

Utilização de ambientes paralelos no processo de aprendizado de algoritmos de busca de caminho em tempo real (PT)

TERRA, Vinicius M.

UFMG, M.Sc. Thesis 2010 [Abstract | Slides ]


AR/VR interactive experiences:
Home Layout

Home Layout [ C# / Unity ] - May 2022

Home Layout is a modern and complete augmented reality tool for home and garden objects. Provides an extremely intuitive, friendly and intelligent design interface, making it easy to operate by anyone. Choose, position, customize and match products from different manufacturers, mix and arrange layouts with these products in real or virtual environments.

[Download for Android | Download for iOS]

A.I. and Gameplay mechanics:
TPS Bundle

Third Person Shooter Bundle [ C# / Unity ] - Mar 2020

This bundle contains 2 essential packs to quickly setup a professional third-person shooter game: the Cover + Shooting System, a third-person shooter controller with combat player actions (cover, engage, etc.) and weapons, and the Enemy AI, a complete AI system with instantly configurable enemy NPCs, featuring a plug and play, expandable FSM.

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Enemy AI

Enemy AI [ C# / Unity ] - Mar 2020

This package features an AI containing a fully configurable Finite State Machine, with predefined states, actions, decisions and transitions. The FSM is defined using Scriptable Objects, making easier the task to expand it, with new custom states, to create new NPC behaviors. The enemies can communicate with each other, look for suspicious targets, protect itself under covers, and advance in cover position, seeking for close combat, in a more aggressive engagement.

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3rd person cam fly mode

3rd Person Controller + Fly Mode [ C# / Unity ] - Jan 2015 / Oct 2017 (Mobile)

A 3rd person player controller for Unity game engine. Includes scripts for player movement, camera orbit and a Mecanim animator controller, containing basic locomotion (walk, run, sprint, strafe, and also an extra fly mode). The mobile version includes touch buttons and virtual analog sticks for Android and iOS devices.

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cover shoot system 3rd person

Cover + Shooting System - Third Person Shooter [ C# / Unity ] - Sep 2017

A complete starter kit for your third person shooter game. Besides the basic movements like run, sprint, jump, aim and the dynamic third person camera, this system includes 2 advanced player modes. The cover system features environment interactions, such as auto navigation and quick changes. The shooting system features fully interactive weapons, particles and hittable targets.

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Dengue mosquito demo

FSM Game demo [ C++ / OpenGL ] - Nov 2007

A 2D goal oriented game featuring a finite-state machine (FSM) for enemy behavior. This demo also includes simple heath and ammo implementation.


Goal Oriented RTS controller

2D RTS Controller [ C++ / OpenGL ] - Oct 2007

A demo featuring 2D controller for goal oriented Real-time strategy like games. Main features:

  • Dynamic ambient setup: agents and obstacle creation.
  • Independent behavior: select which agents to control in real-time.
  • Obstacle avoidance.


reversi game

Reversi (Othello) [ C++ / OpenGL ] - Sep 2007

This is an implementation of the Reversi board game. Reversi is a strategy board game for two players, played on an 8x8 board. This demo features an opponent A.I. with Minimax, a decision rule for two-player zero-sum game theory.


boids simulation

Boids - Flocking Simulation [ C++ / OpenGL / Win32 ] - Jun 2006

A demo featuring Boids, an artificial life simulation for flocking behavior of birds. Based on emergent behavior, the complexity of Boids arises from the interaction of individual agents adhering to a set of simple rules. The basic rules applied are as follows:

  • Separation: steer to avoid crowding local flockmates.
  • Alignment: steer towards the average heading of local flockmates.
  • Cohesion: steer to move toward the average position (center of mass) of local flockmates.

This demo also implements obstacle avoidance, goal seeking, and three different camera views.


Other game related hobbies:
3D Modelling (2005-2007)

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